Curriculum Vitae


Habib Hamed Zargari, PhD
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Welding and Joining

H. Hamed Zargari, S. Hossein Nedjad , “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mn-Containing Maraging Steels”, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Volume 24, Issue 9, pp 3453-3458.
M.R. Movaghar Grarabagh, S. Hossein Nedjad, H. Hamed Zargari, M. Nili Ahmadabadi, “Transformation Mechanism of Preprecipitation NiMn Nanostructures”, Metall. Mater. Trans. A, 45 (2014) 1057-1067.
H. Hamed Zargari , M.R. Movaghar Grarabagh, Characterization of Nanometer-Sized Precipitates In An Aged Fe-Ni-Mo-Mn-Ti Maraging Steel, 4th international Conference nanoscience & Nanotechnology (ICNN2012).